Monday, 13 May 2013

John Govier show

Had a lot of fun with some amazing people on John's show at the weekend. We had Conrad Humphreys, a round the world sailor who has set up an environmental charity called The Green Mile He spoke with great passion about our need to look after our marine environment and to stop using it as a dumping ground. The main band were With Nell and I a soulful and funky outfit that were great to listen to, and to jam with at the end. We also had a brilliant singer/songwriter Charley Pinfold with a powerful voice and a great intensity about her performance. Her songs often reflect her Christian faith too. We also had DJ, producer and beatbox artist Alex Norgate who could produce the most amazing sounds. I've always been in awe of anyone who has that kind of control over their voice, producing sound effects while keeping in time and making it funky. Examples here and here
Then of course there was me, Daniel Rangel and Clive Betts A crowded studio, so we didn't get much chance to talk, but it was all very relaxed, and of course there were lots of chocolate chip muffins to share. Having listened to John's show a lot it was great to see him in action. He made it look easy, but keeping a show going for four hours is a mammoth task. Thanks John, hope we can come back sometime, maybe with a bigger band. And thanks to all the other musicians, and to Conrad. It was a privilege to be with you all, and to make connections. You can listen to our end of show jam here

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