Friday, 17 May 2013

Dramatherapy conference

I've been asked to run a two hour workshop at this conference - should be fun, and it has the added convenience of being at my workplace!

th ANNUAL CONFERENCE Chaos & Community Saturday 15th June 2013 The Briars, Crabb Lane, Exeter, EX2 9JD
Dramatherapy Southwest
One Day Conference
Chaos and Community
The Briars, Crabb Lane, Exeter EX2 9JD
9.00 am to 4.30 pm
This year’s conference is an opportunity for arts' therapists to ac-knowledge, as a community, the challenges of working creatively and collaboratively within the larger context of a chaotic society and discover new ways of embracing the chaos to effect transfor-mation.
In this conference, we are pleased to offer three exciting workshops where you will be able to work creatively with the themes of
Chaos and Community. You will also have a choice between two different arts’ therapies in order to explore the conference theme—those of Music and Drama. We are sure you will enjoy the day and we look forward to seeing you all! Throughout the day there will be opportunities to network and to make use of the new Swap Shop where you can bring any resources/props that you no longer use/need and swap with others. Conference details overleaf Programme 9.00 am Arrivals, refreshments and registration 9.30 am - 10.00 am Introductory workshop 10.00 am Break 10.15 am Opening workshop, for all participants: Of Butterfly Wings & Tornados A dramatherapy workshop led by Daniel Stolfi This workshop reflects on what we make of ourselves as a professional commu-nity and how we position ourselves along the order-chaos continuum. Using an experimental embodiment-projection-role (EPR) approach that draws on both choice and chance, participants are invited to explore some of the notions of chaos and community we entertain while allowing us to revisit some of our strengths and limitations as practitioners. Daniel Stolfi is Registered Dramatherapist, medical anthropologist, and founder of The Awesome Puppet Company. -o00o- 12.00 - 1.30 pm Lunch, networking and swap-shop -o00o-
1.30 pm Afternoon workshops, running concurrently: Workshop A Chaos, Meaning, Order and Community A Music Therapy workshop led by Henry Dunn This workshop explores the way that music can take us through a process of bringing order to chaos. We will listen to ways in which composers have sought to express this, will think about various theories behind the therapeutic use of music, including Music Therapy to bring meaning to chaotic minds and embark on our own musical journey, in community with each other, to bring meaning and order out of chaos.
(No musical skill is necessary, but if you have an instrument you would like to bring, please do.)
Henry Dunn is a Music Therapist, working at the Arts Therapies Service in Exeter and in a special needs school. He has given papers and run workshops in the UK and internationally. Workshop B Where the Chaos of Addiction Meets the Community of Recovery A dramatherapy workshop led by Susan Lawrence This workshop explores the themes of chaos and community in relation to work with clients in community based drug and alcohol treatment. Using an African myth it will explore the concept of a dilemma and relate this to the dilemma of choice between chaos & community faced by many clients in the early stages of treatment. Susan Lawrence is a Registered dramatherapist, who works with drug and alco-hol users in community based treatment. Please indicate your preference A or B when booking but please note that it may not be possible to attend your preferred choice 3.30 pm - 4.15 pm Plenary workshop, for all participants: Collectively drawing together the themes of both Chaos and Community. 4.15 pm – 4.30 pm Evaluation and close (NB times may vary slightly) Cost for the conference including refreshments and a buffet lunch:
Dramatherapy South West Members £40.00
Non Members £60.00
Students £25.00
Please make cheques out to Dramatherapy Southwest or you can make your payment by electronic transfer: HSBC Bank: Sort Code: 40-34-31 Account Number: 91221205 NB If you wish to pay this way, please make sure that your name is shown with reference to the payment. Places are limited so early booking is advised
For more information please contact Martin Redfern: or to book fill in form
I would like to attend the 2012 Dramatherapy Conference:
I would like to attend (Please circle)
Chaos, Meaning, Order and Community (with Henry Dunn ) Or
WORKSHOP B: Where the Chaos of Addiction Meets the Community of Recovery (with Susan lawrence)
I am a / member * / non member * / student * and enclose a cheque for
£........................................... (* please delete as necessary)
Any Dietary Requirements? .................................................................................
Please print, detach and send to Martin Redfern, 4 Joslin Road, Honiton , EX14 1RH or email to

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