Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Playin with myself

This is how my shared improvisation idea works - I recorded a backing track on the piano using my mobile phone voice recorder. I then plugged speakers into it, played it back and improvised over it on the clarinet. I recorded it on a Zoom HN4 hand held digital recorder This is the first attempt, more may follow, perhaps on other instruments. Also I could bounce it - play the new recording back thru the Zoom and record it on the phone, then vice versa. This is a modern take on what the Beatles did with 4 track recorders, building up to 32 tracks. Could be the start of something fun. If you want to join in listen to the track, download it and record yourself playing with it. Then you can email it to me if you like jazzmanhenry@hotmail.co.uk or share it with me on Twitter @Jazzmanhenry My improv can be found here Have fun, I certainly did! I will post the actual backing track in a moment - jusat realised it's not mp3, but I can record the backing onto Zoom which will make it an mp3 track. Back soon with the backing track, but in the meantime have a listen, maybe add some percussion to my piano and clarinet playing!
Have now recorded the basic track - listen/download here

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