Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A new Jazz Trio is born!

Last night I played in a trio for a student event at our church. I had been approached by the other two members last Friday to see  if I could join them, so our first practice was also our first gig. I was on piano, Tom Simpson was on double bass (I've heard him play before so knew he was good) and John Raynor, who has recently joined the church music group as a violinist, on drums. We played some standard repertoire (Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Horace Silver etc etc) and gelled remarkably well. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and we had fun, so it may become a more permanent group. I'd been toying with the idea of starting a trio anyway, and one magically appears! The aim will be to add some original compositions to the repertoire and hopefully get a few local gigs. No name yet though! Considering the way we came together, Impromptu is a possibility. Or, given the nature of my playing (I never know exactly what I 'm going to do) Impulse might be good. Or there is the punning Fun Confusion (Pronounced Funk 'n' Fusion). We all attend St Leonard's Church, so Lens or Lense might work. All suggestions welcome!

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