Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Conference Thoughts - Part Seven

That evening, my last there, I joined a group heading off for a meal, some of whom I knew, some not. We had a very convivial meal, then popped back to the Real Collegio for some live music. This was provided by a band from a local psychiatric hospital, made up of inpatients. They played a mix of well known songs and their own compositions, and were brilliant, getting people up and dancing (including me - not photographic evidence fortunately!)
I then got taken out by a group of Dutch and German delegates who after my perfomance in the Robert Landy workshop, regarded me as some kind of mascot, parading me to their friends. This was very flattering and I went along with it, if only so that I could get some very nice free wine! I was taken to Vinarkia wine bar where we had some of the local wine, which was excellent. We chatted for ages, and eventually I rolled into my dormitory about 1am, having said earlier that I would have an early night due to giving a paper in the morning.
So, after another cafe breakfast, I head, along with fellow presenter Daniel Stolfi (see here) and our chair for the session Mitch Mitchelson We were determined to get to our venue, The Convent of San Micheletto  early, but were puzzled when we found no one there to let us into the lecture theatre. Then we realised that, because it was away from the main conference base, the papers started half an hour later, to give people time to walk there! Eventually a student helper came to let us in and we got set up. Despite the ancinet external appearance, the theatre turns out to be very modern with comfy chairs, a dais with several individual microphones, laptop, projector and big screen. However, if you went through the doorway at the back, it led to a beautiful little chapel with some pews and an altar. I spent some time in prayer there before giving may paper. I had about 25 people there I guess, enough to make me nervous. I went through the paper, and it all seemed to go ok (see my powerpoint here) . The only bad thing was that I then had to make a mad dash to the train station, missing Daniel's presentation and the closing party. This was so that I get home quicker and not try my wife's patience further by leaving her with the children all weekend as well as half the week! Many thanks to her for letting me go to this conference which,as you can gather from the seven blogposts on it, was very inspiring and enjoyable. Also, many thanks to any of you that have had the patience and interest to read all seven posts - I admire your stamina!

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