Monday, 27 June 2011

Summary of a non-existent book

Found this recently - a proposal for a book I was thinking about a couple of years ago that I didn't have time to follow up!

      This book will aim to show how I have been developing my own identity as a Music Therapist, integrating my life experience and knowledge into the way I work. It will include reflections on what led me to train as a Music Therapist, what I brought with me to that training, and how the course affected me personally. This will include an overview of the more theoretical aspects of the course, looking at insights from psychotherapy, psychology, psychiatry, child development, and other healthcare professions, along with the theory and practice of Music Therapy. Alongside this will be the impact of the training on me, challenging some of my preconceptions and taking me into uncharted territory. It will also incorporate insights from Theology and Philosophy, as my first degree was in Theology (with modules in Philosophy). I will be examining how, as a Music Therapist, I can address the needs of my clients on a physical, mental and spiritual level, showing how I seek to help my clients integrate these aspects of themselves. I will also explore the impact of my Christian faith on my work, and how appropriate it is to bring matters of faith into my professional life.
       On a more practical level, this book should act as a guide to Music Therapy to non-music therapists and those considering a career in Music Therapy. It will be helpful to those people whose work brings them into contact with Music Therapists, such as teachers in special education, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals. It may also encourage other Music Therapists to look at how they define themselves as therapists.
        Integration will be a major theme - on a personal level, looking at how I integrate all my knowledge, experience and personal qualities into a consistent approach; on a theoretical level, integrating insights from a variety of sources; on a clinical level, seeing how how I can help clients to integrate their experiences and disparate aspects of themselves, on  physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Perhaps I should just write the book on my blog, in installments. All comments and suggestions welcome!

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